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Constitution of 1991
Revision of the Constitution
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Initiative of revisionArticle 146
(1) Revision of the Constitution may be initiated by the President of Romania on proposal of the Government, by at least one quarter of the number of Deputies or Senators, as well as by at least 500,000 citizens with the right to vote.
(2) The citizens who initiate the revision of the Constitution must belong to at least half the number of the counties in the country, and in each of the respective counties or in the City of Bucharest, at least 20,000 signatures must be recorded in support of this initiative.
Procedure of revisionArticle 147
(1) The draft or proposed revision must be adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, by a majority of at least two thirds of the members of each Chamber.
(2) If no agreement can be reached by a mediation procedure, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate shall decide thereupon, in joint session, by the vote of at least three quarters of the number of Deputies and Senators.
(3) The revision shall be final after approval by a referendum held within 30 days from the date of passing the draft or proposed revision.
Limits of revisionArticle 148
(1) The provisions of this Constitution with regard to the national, independent, unitary and indivisible character of the Romanian State, the Republican form of government, territorial integrity, independence of the judiciary, political pluralism and official language shall not be subject to revision.
(2) Likewise, no revision shall be made if it results in the supression of the citizens fundamental rights and freedoms, or the safeguards thereof.
(3) The Constitution shall not be revised during a state of siege or emergency, or at wartime.

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