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Making the information and analyses available is essential for the efficient performance of the democratic parliaments. The research and documentation departments, as well as the libraries are utterly important in order for them to provide relevant, impartial and reliable data to the lawmakers.

The department for parliamentary studies and EU policies:

  • produces documentation useful to the members of the Chamber to achieve goals, programs and actions related to the process of lawmaking, including pieces of legislation correlated with the decisions at the EU level;
  • attentively observes the political and strategic developments in its fields of interest, also keeping informed the relevant structures of the Chamber and proposing measures for reaching their purpose;
  • produces studies and other research materials aimed to serve the parliamentary activities, both internal and international;
  • provides required expertise and assistance
  • keeps in touch with ECPRD by means of regular exchanges of information;
  • cooperates with similar structures, at national and international level, exchanging good practices in order to enhance its own expertise and capacities, as well as the quality of its materials.

The department has two divisions:

  • The Division for studies and legislative documentation
  • The EU Division


Phone: 021.314.6357; 021.414.1800/01
Fax. 021.414.1812

Postal address: Palatul Parlamentului, str.Izvor nr.2-4, sect.5, Bucharest, Romania saturday, 17 november 2018, 6:32
Telephone: +40213160300, +40214141111