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Constitution of 1991
Revision of the Constitution
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Coming into forceArticle 149
This Constitution shall come into force on the date of adoption by referendum. On the same day, the Constitution of August 21, 1965 is and remains fully abrogated.
Temporal conflict of lawsArticle 150
(1) The laws and all other normative acts shall remain in force in so far they are not contradicting the provisions of this Constitution.
(2) The Legislative Council shall, within 12 months from the effective date of the Law on its organization, examine the compliance of legislation with this Constitution and shall accordingly advance proposals to Parliament or to the Government, as the case may be.
Current institutionsArticle 151
(1) The Institutions of the Republic, in existence at the effective date of this Constitution, shall remain in operation until the setting up of the new institutions.
(2) The new Supreme Court of Justice shall, in accordance with the law, be appointed by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, in a joint session, on proposal by the President of Romania, within six months from the effective date of this Constitution.
Future institutionsArticle 152
(1) Within 6 months from the effective date of this Constitution, the Constitutional Court and the Court of Audit shall be set up.
(2) Judges of the first Constitutional Court shall be appointed for a term of three, six and nine years respectively. The President of Romania, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate shall designate one Judge each for every term.

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