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The 9th annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly,
Bucharest, 6-10 July 2000

Bucharest had the honor to host the ninth Annual Session of OSCE PA, which also happens to be an "anniversary" session. Thus, Bucharest can be listed along other important capitals and cities of the OSCE area, that already hosted this important political event, among which: Budapest (1992), Helsinki (1993), Wien (1994), Ottawa (1995), Stockholm (1996), Warsaw (1997), Copenhagen (1998), and Sankt Petersburg (1999). The next sessions will take place in Paris (2001) and Berlin (2002).

The anniversary character of the OSCE PA session in Bucharest consists in the fact that it occurs exactly after 25 years from the historical Final Act signed in Helsinki in 1975. This period can be considered a continuous process of consolidation, development and maturation as well as adaptation at the various evolutions that occurred in the OSCE area and in the world. Palace of the Parliament

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