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Last year, it was decided that a Summit on Environment and Sustainable Development in the countries within the Carpathian and Danubian region should be organized under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency in collaboration with WWF and with the participation of all state heads and ministers of environment from the countries involved. The summit will be held under the high patronage of the President of Romania, Mr. Ion Iliescu, and of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The main objectives of this reunion are strengthening and developing the regional cooperation in the field of environment and sustainable development, through high level consulting meetings.

The summit focuses on a set of problems of major interest for the countries within this region. It offers the opportunity to evaluate the current progress and to assume commitments in support of "An Environment for Europe" process, as well as with the view to prepare the worldwide summit to take place at Rio in 2002.

The following issues will be addressed:

  • The contribution of the countries within the Carpathian and Danubian region to the implementation of the 21 Agency's recommendations and of the cooperation methods through concerted effort for environment and sustainable development in the interest of welfare, cohesion and general security in the region.
  • Consolidation of the regional cooperation in support of the achievement of OSCE and Stability Pact objectives.
  • Identification of the natural capital in the region and the need for administration and sustainable valorization of this chapter.
  • Identification of priority areas for concerted programs especially for those regions where certain activities have negative impact at the risk of people's health at the local level or in transborder context.
  • Sharing experience and matching the options for the promotion of certain strategies, policies and action plans that focus on sectors of great economic, social, ecological and politic impact.
  • Evaluation of the perspectives, difficulties, opportunities and action modalities in order to achieve the economic and ecological performances of a sustainable development as a support of social welfare and general security in this area.

The intention is that a declaration regarding the cooperation for the environment and sustainable development be signed at the level of state heads in the end of the summit. At the ministry level, official documents will be signed regarding the cooperation in support of the environment protection, natural resources management and sustainable development in the area.


  1. Increase the information degree and the internal public awareness regarding environment problems in the Carpathian-Danubian area.
  2. Increase the information degree at the external level regarding the activities at the regional level, Romania's especially, for the improvement of the environment policies.
  3. External and internal information about the determination of the countries within the area regarding regional cooperation and collaboration.
  4. External and internal information about the projects, strategies and concrete measures adopted within the conference.
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