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Legislature 2012-2016
Full name Party
Elections End of the
1. Biró Rozália-Ibolya Biró Rozália-Ibolya UDMR
2. Bodea Cristian Petru Bodea Cristian Petru PNL
3. Boeriu Valeriu-Victor Boeriu Valeriu-Victor PNL
3. Ghilea Găvrilă Ghilea Găvrilă PDL PNL
4. Bodog Florian Dorel Bodog Florian Dorel PSD
Postal address: Palatul Parlamentului, str.Izvor nr.2-4, sect.5, Bucharest, Romania saturday, 16 february 2019, 4:54
Telephone: +40213160300, +40214141111