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Committee's members on 13 march 2015
Position Member of the Parliament Parliamentary
1. Chairperson Valeriu Ștefan Zgonea Zgonea Valeriu Ștefan deputy PSD
2. Vice-Chairpersons Luminița-Pachel Adam Adam Luminița-Pachel deputy PSD
3.   Mihai Alexandru Voicu Voicu Mihai Alexandru deputy PNL
4. Secretaries Árpád-Francisc Márton Márton Árpád-Francisc deputy UDMR
5.   Varujan Pambuccian Pambuccian Varujan deputy Minoritati
6. Members Victor Paul Dobre Dobre Victor Paul deputy PNL
7.   Doina Elena Federovici Federovici Doina Elena senator PSD
8.   Puiu Hașotti Hașotti Puiu senator PNL
9.   Neagu Mihai Mihai Neagu senator Indep.
10.   Eugen Nicolicea Nicolicea Eugen deputy PSD
11.   Vasile Nistor Nistor Vasile senator PLC
12.   Ioan Oltean Oltean Ioan deputy PNL
13.   Gabriela-Maria Podașcă Podașcă Gabriela-Maria deputy PSD
14.   Alin Păunel Tișe Tișe Alin Păunel senator PNL
15.   Petru Gabriel Vlase Vlase Petru Gabriel deputy PSD

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