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Position Deputy Parliamentary
Member since
1. Chairperson Liliana Mincă Mincă Liliana
chairperson since 17 may 2016
2. Vice-Chairpersons Ștefan-Petru Dalca Dalca Ștefan-Petru
vice-chairperson since 17 may 2016
3.   Viorica Marcu Marcu Viorica
vice-chairperson since 24 jun. 2014
4.   Gabriela-Maria Podașcă Podașcă Gabriela-Maria PSD  
5. Secretaries Gheorghe Firczak Firczak Gheorghe Minoritati  
6.   Vlad Marcoci Marcoci Vlad PNL  
7. Members Mircea-Gheorghe Drăghici Drăghici Mircea-Gheorghe PSD  
8.   Florin Gheorghe Gheorghe Florin PSD  
9.   Zsolt Molnar Molnar Zsolt UDMR  
10.   Ludovic Orban Orban Ludovic PNL  
11.   Adriana-Doina Pană Pană Adriana-Doina PSD 12.02.2013
12.   Maria-Andreea Paul Paul Maria-Andreea PNL  
13.   Cristina-Ancuța Pocora Pocora Cristina-Ancuța PNL  

Former members of the committee bureau
Position Deputy Parliamentary
Member of the bureau
since until
1. Chairperson Ștefan-Petru Dalca Dalca Ștefan-Petru ALDE 09.09.2014 17.05.2016
2.   Liliana Mincă Mincă Liliana ALDE   09.09.2014

Former members of the committee
Deputy Parliamentary
Member until
1. Cristina Nichita Nichita Cristina PSD 12.02.2013

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