Ioan-Iustin TALPOŠ
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2016-2020

Constituency no.26 MARAMURES

Member of the Standing Bureau
parliamentary session:feb. - sep. 2017 - Secretary
 dec. 2016 - feb. 2017 

Political party:
PMP-People's Movement Party - until jun. 2018
Without adhesion to the political party for which he had run for election - since jun. 2018

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the People's Movement Party - until jun. 2018 Vice-Leader - since sep. 2017
The parliamentary group of the Social Democrat Party - since jun. 2018
 - until oct. 2019
The parliamentary group of the National Liberal Party - since oct. 2019

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Lithuania  Secretary
 Friendship parliamentary group with Oriental Republic of Uruguay 
 Friendship parliamentary group with The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Turkmenistan Republic 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Malta