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Parliamentary activity
2020-present (sen.)
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2016-2020 (sen.)
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Parliamentary activity in legislature 2020-present

Constituency no.16 DAMBOVITA

Political party:
PSD-Social Democratic Party

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the Social Democrat Party 

Groupes parlementaires travaillants - joint

Parliamentary delegations:
Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe  member

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with French Republic - Senate  Chairperson
 Friendship parliamentary group with United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  Vice-Chairperson
 Friendship parliamentary group with State of Israel 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Estonia 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Montenegro 
 PRO-America Group 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Latvia 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Lithuania 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Singapore 

Parliamentary activity in figures:
Speaches:6 (in 5 plenary sittings)
Legislative initiatives: 24, din care 4 promulgate legi
Motions: 2

Postal address: Palatul Parlamentului, str.Izvor nr.2-4, sect.5, Bucharest, Romania saturday, 2 july 2022, 15:03
Telephone: +40213160300, +40214141111