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The Centre for Citizen Information - Registry has the following main attributions, according to Art. 58 of the Regulation on the organisation and functioning of the Services of the Chamber of Deputies:

  1. to receive, to register and to solve the petitions addressed to the Chamber of Deputies, received in electronic format or through the registry;
  2. to prepare and to draft the official letters for forwarding the petitions, depending on their subject, to the parliamentary committees, to the specialized structures of the Chamber of Deputies or to public authorities or institutions that have the prerogatives to solve the notified problems, as well as to prepare and to draft the answers to the petitioner;
  3. to keep official records of all aspects resulted from petitions and hearings, as well as of the answers of the authorities competent in solving the petitions, according to the law, materialized in the Sole Register of Petitions;
  4. to follow up the petition solving procedure, and to ensure the observance of the deadline for petition solving;
  5. to prepare and to update the database in the centralised control system for petition solving;
  6. to prepare periodic reports on petition solving, and to submit them to the institution management;
  7. to store the documents received, in accordance with the laws in force;
  8. to hear the citizens who come to the Hearing Office;
  9. to receive and to register the correspondence send by messenger, by special and civil mail services, from public authorities and institutions, from legal and natural persons;
  10. to register and to deliver, based on a book of entry, the correspondence addressed to the President of the Chamber of Deputies and to the deputies, as well as to the services of the Chamber of Deputies;
  11. to receive from the services of the Chamber of Deputies the correspondence, based on a book of delivery/receipt, in order to be dispatched it by special and civil mail services, according to the technical rules on the packaging, parcel packaging, transport, handling and distribution of correspondence; to deliver the telegrams, the parcels, the telephone notes addressed to the members of the Standing Bureau, to the deputies, to the Secretary General or to the services of the Chamber of Deputies, taking into consideration their emergency status; to keep records of the addresses of the public authorities and institutions;
  12. to manage the civil correspondence.
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