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1. Citizens have the right to address the public authorities by petitions formulated only in the name of the signatories.
2. Legally established organizations have the right to forward petitions, exclusively on behalf of the collective body they represent.
3. The exercise of the right of petition shall be exempt from tax.
4. The public authorities are bound to answer to petitions within the time limits and under the conditions established by law.

Art.51 of the Constitution of Romania

Petition means the request, complaint, notification or proposal send in written form or by electronic mail, which a citizen or a legally established organizations may address to the public central and local authorities and institutions, to the decentralized public services of the ministries and of the other central bodies, to companies and national companies, to trading companies of county and local interest, as well as to public corporation.

Art.2 of Law No 233/2002


According to the Government Ordinance No 27/2002 regulating the petition solving activities, as amended and approved by Law No 233/2002, the anonymous petitions or those lacking the petitioner's identification data are not taken into consideration and are classified.

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