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The mandate of the Deputies and of the Senators

Deputies and Senators are elected by universal, equal, direct, secret, and freely expressed vote for a mandate of 4 years. The mandate may be extended by an organic law, in case of war or catastrophe.

According to Article 66 of the Constitution, in the exercise of their mandate, Deputies and Senators are in the service of the people, and any imperative mandate is void.

Deputies and Senators take up the exercise of their mandate on the day of the statutory convention of the Chamber they belong to, on condition of their validation, and the quality of Deputy or Senator ceases on the day of the statutory convention of the newly elected Chambers, or in case of resignation, of loss of the electoral rights, of incompatibility, or of demise. The newly elected Parliament meets at the convocation of the President of Romania, within not more than twenty days after election day.

For the validation of the mandates, each Chamber of Parliament elects at its first sitting a committee, functioning over the whole duration of the respective Chamber's mandate. The Validation Committee of the Senate is formed of 12 Senators, and that of the Chamber of Deputies, of 30 Deputies. The nominal composition of each Validation Committee must reflect the political configuration of the respective Chamber.

Within not more than 4 days after their constitution, the Validation Committees draw up a report, nominating the Deputies and, respectively, the Senators for whom validation or invalidation of the mandates is proposed, with motivation of the invalidation proposals.

The validation or invalidation of the Deputies and Senators is made by a majority vote of the members of the respective Chamber present.

Parliament is statutorily constituted after validation of two thirds of the mandates of the members of each legislative Chamber.

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