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Legislature and sessions

The Constitution of Romania provides that the legislature (mandate) of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate be of four years, and that it can be extended by organic law, in case of war or catastrophe. Elections for the new Chambers will take place within not more than three months after expiry of the mandate or after the dissolution of Parliament. In order to ensure the continuity of the parliamentary life, the Constitution stipulates that the mandate of the Chambers be extended up to the statutory meeting of the new Parliament. This extension, however, does not confer upon Parliament the totality of the powers it had during the mandate. Thus, during the period of the mandate's extension, Parliament may not revise the Constitution, nor adopt, modify, or abrogate organic laws.

The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate meet in two ordinary annual sessions and in extraordinary sessions.

The first ordinary session begins in February and may not exceed the end of June, while the second ordinary session begins in September and may not exceed the end of December.

Parliament may meet in extraordinary sessions too, whenever necessary, during the intervals between ordinary sessions, at the request of the President of Romania, of the Standing Bureau of each Chamber, or of at least one third of the number of Deputies or Senators.

The Chambers are convened in sessions by their presidents. The meeting of the newly elected Parliament in its first session is made at the convocation of the President of Romania, within not more than 20 days after elections.

The Constitution of Romania provides three cases of convocation by right of the Parliament in extraordinary sessions, namely, in case of an armed aggression against Romania, within 24 hours after the aggression was launched; in cases when a state of siege or a state of emergency was instituted, within 48 hours after the moment of their institution. In the latter two cases, the Constitution provides that Parliament be functioning over the whole duration of the state of siege or of the state of emergency.

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