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Voting procedure

On the questions of debate, the Chambers of Parliamnt decide by vote, which may be open or secret. The mode of voting is established for each subject of debate in part, except the case an open or a secret vote is deliberately required by the standing orders of the Chambers.

The vote is always personal. The open vote is expressed publicly by show of hands, roll call, standing up, or by electronic devices.

Voting by roll call is carried out as follows: the president explains the object of the voting and the meaning of the words "for" and "against"; one of the secretaries reads aloud the names and surnames of the parliamentarians; each parliamentarian replies "for" or "against". After the roll call, the names and surnames of the deputies, respectively senators who have not replied is repeated.

The secret vote is expressed by voting papers, marbles, or electronic means. It is established by the standing orders that (of course, when a secret vote was decided) voting papers are to be used when people are elected in offices, and marbles in the case of the voting of laws or taking of decisions. The vote "for" in the case of voting papers implies that the Deputy or Senator should leave untouched the name of the person printed on the paper, and the vote "against" implies its striking out.

For the secret vote with marbles, a white urn and a black urn are placed before the president. A white marble and a black marble is handed out to each deputy or senator. The introduction of th white marble into the white urn, and of the black marble into the black urn means a vote "for , and the introduction of the white marble into the black urn, and of the black marble into the white urn, means a vote "against". During the voting, deputies and senators may not be given the floor.

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