How Parliament of Romania works
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Brief history of the Parlamentarian institution
The parliamentary history in Romania starts in 1831, when, in Wallachia, a constitutional document was adopted, named The Organic Regulations, implemented, a year later, in Moldavia too. The organic regulations set the fundations for the parliamentary institution in the Romanian Principalities.
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How Parliament of Romania works
The Parliament of Romania has a bicameral structure, and is formed of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, appellations taken over from Romanian constitutional traditions. The Romanian bicameral system is substantiated by the necessity of ensuring a balance in the exercise of the parliamentary functions, by the requirement to debate thoroughly the laws adopted, and to temper the authoritarian or extremist tendencies of a Chamber, in the appreciation of a state of fact, and in the selection of the decisional version.
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Structure and attributions of the Chamber of Deputies
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