Structure and attributions of the Chamber of Deputies
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Attributions of the President of the Chamber of Deputies
  1. he shall convene the deputies in ordinary or extraordinary sessions;
  2. he shall chair the proceedings of the Chamher of Deputies, assisted by 2 secretaries in a mandatory manner, and make sure that order is kept during the debates and the regulations are observed;
  3. he shall give the floor, moderate talks, make a synopsis of the matters under debate, establish the order of voting, state the significance of ballot and announce its result;
  4. he shall chair the proceedings of the Standing Bureau meetings;
  5. he shall convene the Agenda Committee, preside over its proceedings, and submits to its approval the agenda projects and the work schedule of the Chamber;
  6. he shall notify the Constitutional Court under the terms stipulated under article 144 a) and h) of the Constitution;
  7. he shall make sure the draft laws adopted or repealed by the Chamber are sent to the Senate, for debate, or, as the case may be, the laws voted are sent to the President of Romania, for promulgation, within the terms set by the law;
  8. he shall represent the Chamber of Deputies in its home and international relationships.
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