Structure and attributions of the Chamber of Deputies
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Agenda Comittee

The agenda committee shall be comprised of the leaders of the parliamentary groups or their locum-tenentes, and shall have the following attributions:

  1. it shall approve the agenda of the Chamber meetings and its work schedule, as well as the amendments or additions to the agenda or the schedule approved;
  2. it shall organise debates by allocating for each parliamentary group, depending on its weight in the total number of deputies, the time for taking the floor in the Chamber meeting; the allocation of the debate time shall be mandatory in political debates and elective in general debates on a draft law or a legislative proposal
  3. it can include on the agenda the debate of a draft law or a legislative proposal for which the report submittal term has been exceeded.

Working procedure

The Agenda Committee shall make decisions based on the majority resulting from the weight of the vote of each member present. The weight shall be given by the proportion of the parliamentary group represented by the leader in the total number of deputies. The Chamber president shall not be entitled to vote. The Government representative and, as the case may be, the president of the parliamentary committee which has exceeded the report submittal term shall participate in the Agenda Committee proceedings as guests.

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