Chapter V
Service Divisions of the Chamber of Deputies

Article 223. - (1) The staff of the Service Divisions of the Chamber of Deputies shall be run by the Secretary General of the Chamber of Deputies.

(2) The Secretary General and the deputy Secretary General shall be appointed and dismissed by the Chamber of Deputies, following a proposal by the Standing Bureau of the Chamber, after consultations with the Parliamentary Group Leaders Committee.*

(3) The Secretary General shall be a main credit-ordering authority.

(4) In performing his/her duties, the Secretary General shall issue orders.

* Article 223(2) was amended by the Chamber of Deputies Decision no. 4/2006, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 145 of 15 February 2006.

Article 224. - (1) The Chamber of Deputies shall approve, in a decision, its own budget before the debates on the state budget, and shall refer it to the Government with a view to having it included in the state budget.

(2) Capital expenditures shall be included in the Chamber of Deputies' own budget following consultations with the Government.