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Standing committees
1. Committee for Economic Policy, Reform, and Privatization
2. Committee for Budget, Finance, and, Banks
3. Committee for Industries and Services
4. Comisia pentru transporturi ºi infrastructurã
5. Committee for Agriculture, Forestry, Food Industry and Specific Services
6. Committee for Human Rights, Cults and National Minorities Issues
7. Committee for Public Administration and Territorial Planning
8. Comisia pentru mediu ºi echilibru ecologic
9. Committee for Labour and Social Protection
10. Committee for Health and Family
11. Committee for Education
12. Committee for Culture, Arts, Mass Information Means
13. Committee for Legal Matters, Discipline, and Immunities
14. Committee for Defence Public Order, and National Security
15. Committee for Foreign Policy
16. Committee for the Investigation of Abuses, Corrupt Practices, and for Petitions
17. Committee for Standing Orders
18. Committee for information technologies and communications
19. Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
20. The Committee for Romanian Communities Living Abroad
21. The Committee on European Affairs
Other committees
1. Validation Committee
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