Curriculum Vitae
Parliamentary activity
2008-2012 (dep.)
2004-2008 (dep.)
2000-2004 (dep.)
1996-2000 (dep.)
1992-1996 (dep.)
1990-1992 (dep.)
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Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

  • Born on the 22 of June 1950, in Bucharest (Romania);
  • Married Daniela Miculescu on July 31st 1985;
  • 2 sons: Andrei, b. 12 February 1986; Mihnea, b. 23 June 1993.

Political activity

  • President of the National Council of the Social Democratic Party (2008 - present)
  • Deputy Speaker, Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania ( 2008 - 2012)
  • Speaker, Chamber of Deputies; Parliament of Romania, Bucharest (December 2004 – March 2006);
  • Executive President of the Social Democratic Party (April 2005 – March 2006);
  • President of the Social Democratic Party (2001-2005);
  • Prime Minister of Romania (2000-2004);
  • First Deputy President of the Social Democracy Party of Romania (PDSR) (1997- 2000);
  • President of Social Democracy Party of Romania PDSR (2000-2001);
  • Deputy Speaker, Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania (1996 – 2000);
  • Executive President of Social Democracy Party of Romania PDSR (1993 – 1997);
  • Speaker, Chamber of Deputies; Parliament of Romania, Bucharest (1992 -1996);
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (1990 – 1992);
  • PSD Deputy (June 1990 – July 1990, 1992-1996, 2000 – 2004, 2004 -present);

Positions in International Organizations
  • Honorary Member of the Committee for the Language of the European Law (2005);
  • Co-president of the Committee for the South–East Europe of the Socialist International(2004 -2006);
  • Vice-president of the World Council of the Former Ministers of Foreign Affairs(1993, reelected in July 1999);
  • Honorary Member of the Euro-Atlantic Association " Manfred Worner" (1999-);
  • Member of the Consultative Council, Institute for East-West Studies, (IEWS), New York (1991 - 1997);
  • Member, American Society of International Law (1995 -);
  • Studies’ Coordinator, International Institute for Human Rights, Strasbourg (1984);
  • Member, French Society of International Law, Paris (1984 -);
  • Founding Member, Human Rights Information and Documentation System (HURIDOCS), London(1982-);
  • Vice-president of the Association of the Roman Members of the French National Order (Mister Adrian Năstase helds the distinction of the Legion of Honour, ranck of High Officer) - 25 january 2007.

Civic, scientific and cultural activities:
  • President, Titulescu European Foundation, Bucharest (1990);
  • President, Association of International Law and International Relations (ADIRI) (2003), Vice President, Association of International Law and International Relations (ADIRI), Bucharest(1990-2003);
  • President, founding member, the Romanian Association of Foreign Policy(2000),
  • President, Romanian General Association of Hunters and Anglers (AGVPS), Bucharest; (1993, re-elected in 1995 and 2001); as of May 13rd 2006, Honorary President of AGVPS;
  • President, Romanian Tennis Federation, Bucharest(1995 - 1996);
  • Founding member, Honorary President, NATO House;
  • Member, The Romanian Bar Association, Bucharest (1992);
  • Titular Member, Association of Scientists from Romania, Bucharest (1994);
  • Founding Member, Scientists Foundation, Bucharest (1995);
  • Scientific Coordinator of the "Romanian Review of International Law" (2003);
  • Founding Member of the "Romanian Review of EU Law" (2003);
  • Founding Member, Romania Anti-Drugs Association, Bucharest(1993);
  • President, Founding Member, Romanian Association for Democratic Education (ARED), Bucharest (1995 - 2000);
  • Honorary Member of the National Society of Red Cross (1996);
  • Honorary Member of the Aromanian Cultural Scientific Foundation "Andrei Saguna" (1998);
  • Honorary Member of the Romanian Friendship Association with the People’s Republic of China (1999);
  • President, Founding member, Centre for the Study of the Religious Organizations (CSOR), Bucharest (1999);
  • Honorary Member of the Romanian Automobile Club (2000);
  • Member of the Honor Council of the Romanian Olympic Committee (2000);
  • President, Association for the preservation of the traditions of the St. Sava College (2004);

Scientific titles:
  • Ph.D. in International Law, Law Faculty, University of Bucharest (1987 );
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the Independent University of Moldova, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (2000);
  • Doctor Honoris Causa awarded by the Senate of the Craiova University (2002);
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Suceava (2002);
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the University "Titu Maiorescu" (2010);
  • Honor Medal of the Sao Paulo University, Brasil (2003);

Professional activities

  • 1973-1990 - Research-Fellow, Institute of Legal Research/Romanian Academy, Bucharest;
  • Professor of Public International Law:
    • 1977-1979; 1984-1985, Associate Professor, Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), Bucharest;
    • 1990 – present, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest;
    • 1994 – Associate Professor for Public International Law, Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne University, Paris;
    • 1999 – Doctorate conductor - Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest
    • 1992 – Faculty of Law, "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University, Bucharest;
    • 1992 – Faculty of Law, "Nicolae Titulescu" Institute of Law and International Relations, Bucharest;
    • 1992-1997 – Faculty of Law, "Titu Maiorescu" University, Bucharest;

  • 1978, Bachelor of Sociology, University of Bucharest, Faculty of History –Philosophy, Department of Sociology;
  • 1973, Bachelor of Laws, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law;

Orders, diplomas, distinctions:
  • National Order "Steaua Romaniei" (Romania's Star) rank of Great Cross (November 28th 2002);
  • "Grande Croix de l 'Ordre "Pro Merito Melitensi", Sovereign Order of Malta; Decree no. 7815 of June 10th 1992, - Magistral Palace;
  • Grand Officer of the National Order of the French Legion of Honor (April 9th 2002);
  • The Knight Order – awarded by the President of the Republic of Italia (May 9th 2003);
  • Lebanese Order of Merit: Grand cordon, awarded by the President of the Lebanese Republic (June 23rd 2003);
  • The Merit Order of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Grand Cross (October 6th 2003);
  • The Prize "For Political Courage", conferred by the Association for foreign policy of the Sorbona Paris I University and the "Politique internationale" publication, Paris (January 28th 2003);
  • Prix de la Fondation - Crans Montana Forum (30 March 2011)
  • "Order of Diplomatic Service Merit", Gwanghwa Medal, Republic of Korea (28 October 1991);
  • Gold Papal Medal "John Paul 2nd" for the Great Jubilee of 2000;
  • The Official Yearly Medal of the 14th year of pontificate of His Holiness John Paul 2nd;
  • "The Great Moldavian Cross", Distinction, awarded by the His Grace Daniel, Metropolitan of Metropolitan See of Moldova (2003);
  • The Moldavian Cross (July 21st 2001);
  • Collar of the Romanian Olympic Committee, awarded on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of COR(Romanian Olympic Committee) (March 27th 2004);
  • "Global Leader for Tomorrow" Prize, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland (1993);
  • "Mihail Eliescu" Prize on 1994, - Union of Jurists of Romania (December 22th 1994);
  • "Nicolae Titulescu" Prize, Romanian Academy, Bucharest (1994);
  • "Simion Bărnuțiu" Prize (for protecting and promoting human rights), Romanian Academy, Bucharest (1995);
  • "Metropolitan Andrei, Baron of Saguna Medal", Scientific – cultural Aromanian Andrei Saguna" Foundation (December 17, 1998);
  • Excellency Diploma – Euro-Atlantic "Manfred Worner" Association (April 5, 2000);
  • Diploma as a sign of recognition of the support provided to the promotion of the pensioners' rights – National Federation of the Pensioners' Trade Unions of Romania (October 1st 2000);
  • Diploma of Honorary Member of the Director Council of the Romanian Ju - Jitsu Federation and President of the Black Belts College (October 17th 2000);
  • the Highest Distinction, "Leader of 2001" for the special contribution made to Romania' s integration process in NATO and Euro – Atlantic structures – George C. Marshall Association Romania(January 16th 2002);
  • "Knight of the Master for Industry Order " Title and the Card no. 001 as a recognition of the merits in the streamlining of the activity of the employers of Romania, conferred by UGIR 1903( The Employers Association, the General Union of Employers of Romania 1903) (January 28, 2002);
  • The 2002 Diploma and Medal - leader of Romania’s Euro- Atlantic and European integration process, "George C. Marshall" Association (February 24th 2003);
  • Fulbright Diploma for merits that certify the Romanian – American relations support (May 15th 2003);
  • "Architect of Peace" Title, awarded by the New Peace Architecture Congress for the contribution made to the international life democratization (May 22-25th 2003);
  • Honor Diploma awarded by the Romanian Academy, the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism for the participation and support to the building of the Institute, IN ANNO DOMINI 1993 (October 7 2003);
  • Diploma of Excellency awarded by "Dr. Wilhelm Fielderman" Foundation for the exceptional contribution to the development of the mutual respect relations between Romanians and Jews (2003);
  • Plate and Anniversary Diploma conferred by the Great Council of the Grand National Lodge of Romania, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary, for the promotion of the peace ideals, human mutual aid and constant support of Romania’s fundamental interests (2005);
  • Diploma conferred by the Romanian Philatelic Federation and the European Philatelic Academy, on the occasion of Bucharest International Philatelic Saloon, for the "Setting up of the National Philatelic Museum" (September 26- 30th 2005);
  • Diploma of Honor, awarded for special contribution made to the development of the friendship traditional relations between the Romanian and Chinese people, by the Romanian Association of Friendship with the People’s Republic of China(October 14th 2005);
  • Foundation Book awarded by the vicar priest Ioan I. Stoica and the members of the Parish Council of the Church of Tansa village, Belcesti commune, Iasi County(2006,);
  • Title of "Citizen of Honor" of Hunedoara County, Craiova and Targoviste municipalities, Mizil, Pucioasa, Saliste, Moreni towns, communes Cosbuc, Sisesti, Baile Herculane Resort and city of Dallas, Texas, USA

Foreign languages:
  • English
  • French

Editorial activity:
  • Author of more than 250 scientific articles in different Romanian and foreign journals, regarding the system of protection of human rights in Europe, other legal subjects in internal and international law and international relations etc.
  • Author of more than 300 studies, conferences and essays presented within national and international meetings.
  • Conferences and Addresses delivered abroad in: Paris, London, Teheran, Oslo, Caracas, Kyoto, Washington, Bruges, Athens, Geneva, Tenerife, New Jersey, Ciudad de Mexico, Verdun, Belford, Monaco, Liege, Strasbourg, Stockholm, Oxford, New York, Antalya, Tirana, Davos, Madrid, Budapest, Prague, Bardejov, Ankara, Berlin, Moscow, Brussels, Istanbul, Helsinki, Oulu, Bonn, Crans Montana, Vienna, La Laguna (Tenerife), St. Petersburg, Munich , Berlin, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Roma, Monaco, Bratislava, Birmingham, Trieste, Hague, Copenhagen, Brasilia, Salzburg etc

Latest published volumes:
  • "Romania after Malta.875 days in Foreign Affaires", vol.1-10 ( 1st of January -19 of November 1992), 2006-2012
  • "The Battle for the Future - season 2", 2011
  • "Zambaccian Code 3", 2010
  • "Blog'n roll", 2009
  • "Zambaccian Code 2", 2008
  • "European Romania. A Social-Democrat project", 2007
  • "The Fondaments of International Organisation", 2006
  • "Zambaccian Code", 2006
  • "The role of the doctrine in the evolution of the international law", 2006;
  • "The dimensions of the foreign policy in Romania's Treaties – Chronological record and classification on fields (1990- 2005)", 2005;
  • "The victory of normality. Building the European Romania", 2004;
  • "From Karl Marx to Coca Cola", Bucharest, 2004;
  • "The Contemporary Destiny of the International Law – Reflections from an European perspective", "Nicolae Titulescu" University, 2004;
  • "Parliamentary speeches", 2004;
  • "Europe Quo Vadis? – Towards a United Europe", 2003;
  • "Towards normality - a modern social democratic vision on Romania' future", English version too, 2002;
  • "Nicolae Titulescu – our Contemporary",2002 ;
  • "Protecting Minorities in the Future Europe – between Political Interest and International Law" – co-author, 2002
  • "Romania NATO", 2002;
  • "Romania and the future of Europe"–coordinator, 2001;
  • "International Organization", 2001;
  • "International Contemporary Law. Essential texts", - co –author, 2001;
  • "The Battle for the Future", 2000;
  • "International Contemporary Law", 2000;
  • Encyclopedic collection DOCUMENTA UNIVERSALES - "Basic Documents in International Law and International Relations", eight volumes, 1997 – 1999;
  • "International Public Law", co-author, revised and added Edition , Bucharest, 1997;
  • "The Treaties of Romania (1990-1997)", Bucharest, 1998;
  • "Romania and the New World Architecture", Bucharest, 1996;
  • "Parliamentary Humor", Bucharest, 1996;
  • "The Political Idea of Change", Bucharest, 1996;

  • Hunting, fishing, classic music, modern art, collecting antiques, tennis;

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