Mircea IFRIM
Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 4 May 1939

Education; scientific degrees

Faculty of General Medicine;
PhD in medical sciences

Professional activities

Profession: professor

Political activity

member of the PRM;
member of the PRM Executive Committee;
1990 -1992 adviser to the Minister of National Education;
1992-1993 governmental adviser;
1994-1997 secretary of state for the UNESCO

Political activity

since 2000, president of the Committee for Health and Family;
member of the Committee for European Integration;
vice-president of the Romania-UNESCO friendship parliamentary group;
initiator of 4 laws: the Law of health, the Law for improving the health system financing; the law based on which luncheon vouchers are being granted, the Law for the operation of the post-high-school medical education and the training of registered nurses by means of short-term higher education;
initiator of two draft laws on the Law of hospitals and the Law on medical personnel training and improvement;
co-author of the Law on health insurance;
357 amendaments to different laws on the operation of the medical system

Professional activities

1965 -1967 physician;
1967 -1970 professor's assistant;
1978-1990 associate professor;
1991- present, professor;
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Oradea

Books and papers published

Anatomy and Biomechanics in Physical Education and Sports, 1980;
Risk of Malformations in Human Reproduction, 1983;
Human Anatomy Atlas, 1985;
Anthropology, 1987;
Morphology and Pathology of Connective Tissue, 1988;
Human Anatomy (English version), 2000 ;
17 monographs;
over 108 scientific articles published in Romania and abroad;
110 papers communicated in volumes of various national and international congresses

Languages skills

English, Russian (good)

Address of the MP's office

E-mail: prm@cdep.ro
Telephone: 4021062, 4021063, 3141074, 4021135