Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 5 September 1948, Lunca Mures, Alba County
Civil status: married

Education; scientific degrees

Faculty of Philosophy;

Political activity

member of the UDMR;
president of the Cluj County UDMR Branch

Parliamentary activity

deputy, since 1992 ;
1992-1995 secretary of the Standing Bureau;
1996-2000 secretary of the Standing Bureau;
since 2000, member of the Committee for Foreign Policy;
member of the Romania-Bolivia friendship parliamentary group

Professional activities

Profession: degree in social sciences (sociology-psychology)
editor of the "KORUNK" magazine, in Cluj

Books and papers published

poems, essays, studies

Languages skills

French, English

Address of the MP's office

Cluj-Napoca, str. Cardinal Hossu nr. 21
e-mail: konyas@cdep.ro
Telephone: parliamentary group 021-314.2049, deputy's office 0264-192.217