Corneliu CIONTU
Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 15 November 1941

Education; scientific degrees

Faculty of Philosophy, department of Sociology, Bucharest

Political activity

prime vice-president of the PRM;
member of the PRM Standing Bureau

Parliamentary activity

1996- 2000 member of the Standing Bureau (quaestor and secretary);
September 1999 - September 2000 member of the Committee for the Investigation of Abuses and Corruption, and for Petitions;
since 1997, member of the Romania-Belarus and president of the Romania-Peru friendship parliamentary groups;
since 2000, vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies;
member of the Romania-Turkey and Romania-Italy friendship parliamentary groups;
since December 2002, president of the Romania-Japan friendship parliamentary group;
initiator of the legislative proposals for the indemnification of the persons having subscribed fund units to the National Investment Fund; the emancipation and integration of the Romani; declarations of wealth and the check of their veracity; the organisation and operation of the Order of the Registered Nurses of Romania; the social protection of persons made redundant who establish and develop, on their own or in partnership, businesses in the agricultural field; amending and completing the Law concerning the elections for the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate

Professional activities