Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 13 August 1955
Civil status: married, 2 children

Education; scientific degrees

Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest;
Higher National Security College

Political activity

since 1995, member of the PDSR;
1996 prefect of Dambovita County;
1997 -1998 member of the PDSR Standing Delegation;
1999-present, president of the Dambovita County PSD Organisation;
2000-present, member of the PSD Central Executive Bureau

Parliamentary activity

since 2000, president of the Standing Joint Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for the Exercise of Parliamentary Control over the Romanian Intelligence Service;
2001 member of the Romania-Israel, Romania-Syria, and Romania-France friendship parliamentary groups

Professional activities

Profession: economist
1987 -1990 assistant director with ICSMA ;
1991- 1992 general director with the Dambovita County Commercial Division;
1992 -1995 and 1997-2000 general director of the ALIM SA trading company, Targoviste

Languages skills

Russian and French

Address of the MP's office

Targoviste, Str. Tricolorului nr. 1
Telephone: standing committee 021/3358892, deputy's office 0245/210310