Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 6 December 1952

Education; scientific degrees

Faculty of Horticulture "Ion lonescu de la Brad" Agronomic Institute, Iasi

Political activity

since 1993 member of the PSD

Parliamentary activity

deputy ;
since 2000 member of the Committee for Agriculture, Forestry, Food Industry, and Specific Services ;
member of the Romania-France, Romania- Venezuela, and Romania-Jordan friendship parliamentary groups ;
initiator of the legislative proposals on the Law of farming credit; the farming co-operatives; the establishment of Dochia commune, Neamt County; the establishment of Roznov town, Neamt County ;
the establishment of Ruginoasa commune, Neamt County

Professional activities

Profession: engineer
1981 engineer with DCA Roman, Neamt County ;
1983 head of QTC with DCA Roman, Neamt County ;
November 1983-1989 director with IAPMPOA, Neamt ;
1990-1994 general director of the COMPIL SA trading company, Neamt ;
1994-2000 general director of the TCE Trei Brazi trading company, Piatra Neamt