Nicolae-Daniel POPESCU
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2016-2020

Constituency no.43 DIASPORA
start of the mandate: 19 april 2017 - HCD nr.31/2017
replaces: Manuel Costescu

Political party:
USR-Union to Save Romania

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the Union to Save Romania - since apr. 2017 Vice-Leader - since feb. 2019

Standing committees
Committee for Agriculture, Forestry, Food Industry and Specific Services (since sep. 2019)
The Committee for Romanian Communities Living Abroad (since jun. 2017) - Secretary (sep. 2017 - oct. 2018), Vice-Chairperson (since oct. 2018)
Committee for Defence Public Order, and National Security (oct. 2017 - sep. 2019)

Inquiry committees

Inquiry committees - joint
- Secretary

Groupes parlementaires travaillants - joint

Parliamentary delegations:
Executive Board of the Romanian Group to the Inter-Parliamentary Union - since dec. 2019 member

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Grup parlamentar de prietenie cu Republica Tadjikistan  Secretary
 Friendship parliamentary group with Islamic Republic of Iran 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Poland - since dec. 2019
 PRO-America Group 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Hungary