Radu-Vicențiu GRĂDINARU
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2020-present

Constituency no.7 BOTOSANI
start of the mandate: 5 april 2022
replaces: Lucian Feodorov

Political party:
AUR- Alliance for the Union of Romanians

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the AUR 

Standing committees
Committee for Budget, Finance, and, Banks (since apr. 2022)
Committee for Public Administration and Territorial Planning (jun. 2022 - sep. 2023)

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with Brazil - since dec. 2022
 Friendship parliamentary group with Netherlands - since dec. 2022
 Friendship parliamentary group with United Arab Emirates - since apr. 2023
 Grupul parlamentar de prietenie cu Republica Guatemala - since apr. 2023
 Friendship parliamentary group with Kingdom of Sweden - since dec. 2022