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Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

  • Date of birth: March 30th 1951;
  • Civil status: married, 4 children.


  • 1970-1974 - Faculty of Sociology, University of Bucharest;
  • 1977-1978 - Postuniversitary course CEDOR-UN "Population and Development".

Professional activities

  • from 2004 - Minister Chancellor - Head of the Chancellery of the Prim Minister of the Government of Romania;
  • 2003 - Special Counselor to the Prime Minister of Romania for public administration reform;
  • 2002 - Head of PAL Working Group set up by the Romanian government and the World Bank;
  • 2001 - Head of the International Independent Group for International adoptions' system analysis, Group set up by the European Parliament, European Commission and the Romanian Government;
  • 2000 - Founding Member of SORMA – Romanian Association of Market Researchers;
  • 1992-2004 - President and CEO, IMAS-SA;
  • 1990-1992 - Marketing manager, DANTE HD, Ltd. Software and Computer Trading Company;
  • 1990-1996 - Chairman of the Board of Soros Foundation-Romania;
  • 1985-1990 - Senior researcer, Academy of Romania, Institute of Sociology;
  • 1974-1985 - Sociologist, Center for Urban and Regional Sociology.

Languages skills

  • English, French.

Other relevant information

    Membership of professional bodies:
  • Romanian Association of Sociology;
  • World Association of Public Opinion Researchers (WAPOR);
  • Romanian Association of PR Professionals (former President);
  • Romanian Association of Market Researchers-SORMA.

Scientific and editorial activity

  • Publications:
    • Understanding the social fact, ed. J. Lorincz, L. Salat published in Hungarian (Kriterion Publishing House, 1988);
    • The Romanian economy: the future of a failure, in Economic changes in the Balkan States, Printer Publisher, London, 1991, ed.O.Sjoberg şi A.Aslund;
    • "Disguised players waiting in the wing" in "The development of the audiovisual landscape in Central Europe since 1989” John Libbey Media, UK, 1996, new edition 1998;
  • Co-edited:
    • Indicators and factors of the quality of life, ed. C. Zamfir, E. Zamfir, A. Popescu, L. Vlasceanu, St. Stefanescu (Ed. Academiei, Bucharest, 1985);
    • Life styles, ed. C. Zamfir, L. Vlasceanu, A. Popescu, Gh. Nicolae, E. Zamfir et al (Ed. Academiei, Bucharest, 1987);
    • Problems of Economic and Political Transformation in the Balkans, ed.Jan Jeffries, A.Teodorescu, Thomas Learning 1996;
  • Edited:
    • Great French Thinkers and Philosophers (Minerva Publishing House, Bucharest, 1989) a two-volume reading of French socialist and technocratic utopia from 1789 to 1848.

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