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Educational Visits

The Education and Publication Centre has organized, since May 2007, a program of EDUCATIONAL VISITS to the Chamber of Deputies, intended mainly for children and young people. During these visits, besides the usual tour of the Palace of the Parliament, the groups of young people will attend a "Lesson of democracy" providing them with information about how the Chamber of Deputies functions, about the voting and representation process, about the role of the Deputies, about the legislative process, etc. They may also become familiarized with the parliamentary discussions by assisting in the plenary sittings.

The Palace of the Parliament may be visited by all categories of citizens during the entire year. Guided tours are organized every day by the International Conference Centre (I.C.C.), between 10:00 and 16:00
(telephone: 021/311.3611, 021/414.1426,

Frequent Asked Questions

- Who may participate to the educational visits?

The target-public is mainly the young people, between 5 and 25 years old (pre-school children, pupils, students, and other organized groups).

The kindergartens, elementary schools, lyceums and faculties, but also other education institutions may request to be scheduled for educational visits to the Chamber of Deputies for groups of maximum 50 pupils/young people. Each group is mandatory accompanied by one teacher, but by no more than 4 attendants.

- What is the content of an educational visit?

The educational visit contains:

  • A "Lesson of democracy" - information about how the Chamber of Deputies functions, about the legislative process, etc.;
  • Assisting in the plenary sittings of the Chamber of Deputies (for the groups requesting this and only when plenary sittings are scheduled);
  • Tour of the Palace of the Parliament, following the pre-established route.

- How can we schedule a group?

The education institution must request to the Education and Publication Centre by e-mail, fax or post to schedule an educational visit for a group. The date and time will be established by the Education and Publication Centre, depending on the existing applications, and they shall be communicated to the applicant institution to the contact address specified.

With minimum three days before the visit date, the schools or education institutes organizing the visit shall send to the Education and Publication Centre the list with the names and identification data of all the participants (if they are 14 years old and over) and of groups' attendants (surname, first name, series and number of the identity card).

- How is the access into the Parliament building allowed?

The access in the Palace of the Parliament is allowed based on the list aforementioned priory sent by the group coordinators.

The groups scheduled for the "Lesson of democracy" shall be present at the date and time established, in 2-4 Izvor St., entrance A3 S2 (access from Izvor side into the Palace of the Parliament), where the access formalities shall be fulfilled.

- - How long does the visit take?

The educational visit duration is of about one and a half to two hours.

- When are made such visits?

The educational visits are made during the parliamentary sessions: 1 September - 24 December; 1 February - 30 June. They are usually organized on Tuesday to give the chance to the interested lyceum pupils and students to assist (for 15 minutes) in the plenary meetings of the Chamber. The visits may be organized on Friday for the groups that do not request to assist in plenary meetings.

- How much is the ticket for an educational visit?

The educational visits are free of charges for the groups of children and young people organized by the Romanian education, culture and academic institutions.

- How can we contact the Education and Publication Centre?

  • By mail: Education and Publication Centre, the Chamber of Deputies, str. Izvor, nr. 2-4, sector 5, Bucharest.
  • By e-mail:
  • By fax: (021) 414 2173
  • By phone: (021) 414 1458, (021) 414 1959 (Mihaela Predişteanu).
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